Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Dolgov df0115fc7a shorten_expanded: also hide embedded attachments behind wrapper 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1cf69d435d fix af_zz_vidmute for new chrome breaking muting via setAttribute 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov bb84330234 Logger_SQL: use separate PDO connection 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 80fd79ca30 Logger->log() allow passing context (defaults to '') 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 4f17c3f977 Logger: add implementation for logger->log(message) 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 665495b94b cache_media: only touch() local file if it's writable 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 4bb651a656 af_redditimgur: check gfycat content type before embedding, add generic 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov f43ce66e65 af_redditimgur: simplify handling of gfycat URLs 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 5a35b31b89 rebase translations 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov d4fef36237 rewrite per-feed/global strip images to strip media 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov d2e1e60ecc 1. per-feed option STRIP_IMAGES should now also affect other media tags 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 62d0060aa1 update_daemon_common: do not abort entire batch if PDOException happens when processing individual feeds 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 01d22e255f PDO: switch error reporting to exceptions 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov de1b9acba1 af_comics: simplify srcset attribute handling for gocomics pseudo-feeds 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2ab49fec9a API: getHeadlines: return feed_id for Archived entries as 0 instead of null to be consistent with requested feed_id 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov a291a0c00f API: oops, forgot that headlines could be requested for a tag 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 70e180e887 API: getHeadlines: check for feed_id correctly 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 803b8ead1e update previous to not die on errors 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov f7fe28d059 fix user theme ignoring active settings profile 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1da0818188 Merge branch 'master' into dojo-module-define-test 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov f3068c6397 send_local_file: touch() sent files to reset their expiration cooldown 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov a3e2f1a9c3 define custom dojo modules with define() instead of require(), update startup module dependencies 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 54727f9534 parser: move media:element handling to feeditem_common; use media:content @media attribute to generate placeholder content-type if not specified 2 years ago
  fox 8ab77d19ef Merge branch 'pullreq-enclosure-content-type' of tkappe/tt-rss into master 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 02bb26a93f rewrite_cached_urls: support video posters 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov a1b8651949 Revert "add (hidden) _NGINX_XACCEL_PREFIX which uses nginx X-Accel-Redirect to serve static files faster" 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2aef804f4b split transparent rewriting of locally cached media URLs to execute after both sanitize() and HOOK_RENDER_ARTICLE to allow plugins work on original source URLs consistently 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov c5c3a0a2a8 add (hidden) _NGINX_XACCEL_PREFIX which uses nginx X-Accel-Redirect to serve static files faster 2 years ago
  Tobias Kappé ac8a0e7dc6 Differentiate enclosures based on content type. 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 04ad631a08 Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago