Andrew Dolgov 0d0cb8fe1e fix missing cdmFeedTitle 5 years ago
auth ea46d90eee auth_base: choose random password if not supplied by auth module 7 years ago
db 415a3b50c9 fix some minor typos and stuff 5 years ago
feeditem 206326c219 feedparser: xpath doesn't properly query for title element if there's a default namespace so let's add a separate ugly hack for rdf:RDF feeds, thanks for that xml dipshits 5 years ago
handler f5a0fb8b64 queryFeedHeadlines: move to array-based arguments, optionally check if first element changed when paginating 5 years ago
logger b367c951b9 make logging configurable; add logging to syslog 7 years ago
pref 9638ec51b6 minor filter test dialog fixes 5 years ago
.htaccess e1f76af006 block listing of several util directories; deny access to config.php 7 years ago
api.php 48fefe2f6b fixes for first_id stuff 5 years ago
article.php a72cd54ce1 bayes: properly reset score when going good -> ugly 5 years ago
backend.php a42c55f02b fix blank character after opening bracket in function calls 7 years ago
db.php e2cf81e214 unify houskeeping stuff, increase spawn interval 7 years ago
dbupdater.php 0630a100d5 revert OO-db access in dbupdater, create DbUpdater() correctly 7 years ago
dlg.php 9090b874ab simplify search, remove search_mode as useless 5 years ago
feedenclosure.php 523bd90baf Store size of enclosure to database 6 years ago
feeditem.php b4d1690097 move common methods to feeditem_common 7 years ago
feedparser.php e55a5ec601 atom: consider link rel=alternate in feed element for site urls 5 years ago
feeds.php 0d0cb8fe1e fix missing cdmFeedTitle 5 years ago
handler.php 1f29443530 fix missing DB object when instantiated to import opml 7 years ago
iauthmodule.php 0f28f81f89 move authentication modules to plugins/ 7 years ago
idb.php aca75cb5cb reinstate error handlers; better DB error reporting on failed queries 7 years ago
ihandler.php 8dcb2b4762 implement plugin routing masks, add example plugin 7 years ago
logger.php b367c951b9 make logging configurable; add logging to syslog 7 years ago
opml.php 3457ce7c59 temporarily enable entity loader when importing opml because idk 5 years ago
plugin.php ddf28801e4 implement plugin API version compatibility check 7 years ago
pluginhandler.php 27f7b59353 add a wrapper for standard error codes returned by backend, also add explanation to the error object if possible 5 years ago
pluginhost.php 5914f31981 pluginhost: mention that update task & housekeeping hooks are for global plugins only 5 years ago
rpc.php 0e653f751e Make _DISABLE_FEED_BROWSER also disable the updateFeedBrowser RPC 5 years ago
ttrssmailer.php 6dd01fcea2 Changes to support a new version of the phpmailer. Adds a new setting SMTP_SECURE, 7 years ago