Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Dolgov 61be0b215d minitemplator->writeString: print always returns 1 in PHP 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 491090d21b minitemplator: fix deprecations for PHP 7.4 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1f2a721905 allow overriding built-in templates via templates.local 3 weeks ago
  fox 82326187f9 Merge branch 'cache_videos_with_src_and_poster' of lllusion3418/tt-rss into master 3 weeks ago
  lllusion3418 ec1b0befc7 add support for video[@src] in media cache 3 weeks ago
  lllusion3418 cdde23b4dc actually download <video> posters to media cache 3 weeks ago
  lllusion3418 b4287a2e98 fix url rewriting for videos with poster and src 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 208e02c47d PluginHost/save_data: use separate PDO connection to prevent issues with nested transactions 3 weeks ago
  fox da926067ab Merge branch 'get-version-git-on-windows' of tsimmons/tt-rss into master 1 month ago
  Toby Simmons 569228a5df In get_version() disable DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR check, permit using git on Windows to get version details; 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 8ad523fcec do not keep current feed visible when hide as read is enabled 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 68562e2618 fix wrong colors applying to rule textarea when invoked from main UI 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 482db14c1a filter rule editor: bring back regexp valid/invalid BG colors (now for light theme) 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 490a98df11 filter rule editor: bring back regexp valid/invalid BG colors 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 19e1d13460 add URL parameter to ignore user theme on startup 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov ad0a9c02e5 move default (light) theme LESS source to a more appropriate place 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 76c8b318e5 set all tooltip colors via less variables 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 0875dc332e fix tooltip colors for night mode 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov a65749a512 source validationtextarea in main UI 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov bcbc5ccc78 batchSubscribe: use validationtextarea 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov f24ece85a6 add validationtextarea control, use it for filter match editor 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2fefb4fd87 getTestResults: don't try to use previously removed variable 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 4f62f5f3f1 filter edit dialog: load rule editor via XHR 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 340bb7f392 fix typo 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 8645f36c5b filter test dialog: pass contents via xhr POST 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 0eb3f1c3dc rebase translations 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 864f3e7e07 Merge branch 'weblate-integration' 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 4e74da590e af_readability: allow get full text button to work as a toggle; in cdm, scroll to article after embedding 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov bdb1e475e7 external subscribe dialog: support dark theme 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov b2876f6c72 share anything dialog: support dark theme 1 month ago