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Revert "pgsql schema: remove unnecessary named indexes"

This reverts commit c9bcda546999947145cfff6e4e88ba9f4f348f88.
Andrew Dolgov 5 years ago
1 changed files with 25 additions and 0 deletions
  1. 25 0

+ 25 - 0

@@ -98,6 +98,9 @@ create table ttrss_feeds (id serial not null primary key,
 	favicon_last_checked timestamp default null,
 	auth_pass_encrypted boolean not null default false);
+create index ttrss_feeds_owner_uid_index on ttrss_feeds(owner_uid);
+create index ttrss_feeds_cat_id_idx on ttrss_feeds(cat_id);
 insert into ttrss_feeds (owner_uid, title, feed_url) values
 	(1, 'Tiny Tiny RSS: New Releases', '');
@@ -117,6 +120,7 @@ create table ttrss_counters_cache (
 	value integer not null default 0);
 create index ttrss_counters_cache_feed_id_idx on ttrss_counters_cache(feed_id);
+create index ttrss_counters_cache_owner_uid_idx on ttrss_counters_cache(owner_uid);
 create index ttrss_counters_cache_value_idx on ttrss_counters_cache(value);
 create table ttrss_cat_counters_cache (
@@ -125,6 +129,8 @@ create table ttrss_cat_counters_cache (
 	updated timestamp not null,
 	value integer not null default 0);
+create index ttrss_cat_counters_cache_owner_uid_idx on ttrss_cat_counters_cache(owner_uid);
 create table ttrss_entries (id serial not null primary key,
 	title text not null,
 	guid text not null unique,
@@ -142,6 +148,7 @@ create table ttrss_entries (id serial not null primary key,
 	lang varchar(2),
 	author varchar(250) not null default '');
+-- create index ttrss_entries_title_index on ttrss_entries(title);
 create index ttrss_entries_date_entered_index on ttrss_entries(date_entered);
 create index ttrss_entries_updated_idx on ttrss_entries(updated);
@@ -163,6 +170,10 @@ create table ttrss_user_entries (
 	note text,
 	unread boolean not null default true);
+-- create index ttrss_user_entries_feed_id_index on ttrss_user_entries(feed_id);
+create index ttrss_user_entries_owner_uid_index on ttrss_user_entries(owner_uid);
+create index ttrss_user_entries_ref_id_index on ttrss_user_entries(ref_id);
+create index ttrss_user_entries_feed_id on ttrss_user_entries(feed_id);
 create index ttrss_user_entries_unread_idx on ttrss_user_entries(unread);
 create table ttrss_entry_comments (id serial not null primary key,
@@ -171,6 +182,9 @@ create table ttrss_entry_comments (id serial not null primary key,
 	private boolean not null default false,
 	date_entered timestamp not null);
+create index ttrss_entry_comments_ref_id_index on ttrss_entry_comments(ref_id);
+-- create index ttrss_entry_comments_owner_uid_index on ttrss_entry_comments(owner_uid);
 create table ttrss_filter_types (id integer not null primary key,
 	name varchar(120) unique not null,
 	description varchar(250) not null unique);
@@ -241,6 +255,9 @@ create table ttrss_tags (id serial not null primary key,
 	owner_uid integer not null references ttrss_users(id) on delete cascade,
 	post_int_id integer references ttrss_user_entries(int_id) ON DELETE CASCADE not null);
+create index ttrss_tags_owner_uid_index on ttrss_tags(owner_uid);
+create index ttrss_tags_post_int_id_idx on ttrss_tags(post_int_id);
 create table ttrss_version (schema_version int not null);
 insert into ttrss_version values (127);
@@ -254,6 +271,8 @@ create table ttrss_enclosures (id serial not null primary key,
 	height integer not null default 0,
 	post_id integer references ttrss_entries(id) ON DELETE cascade NOT NULL);
+create index ttrss_enclosures_post_id_idx on ttrss_enclosures(post_id);
 create table ttrss_settings_profiles(id serial not null primary key,
 	title varchar(250) not null,
 	owner_uid integer not null references ttrss_users(id) on delete cascade);
@@ -348,10 +367,16 @@ create table ttrss_user_prefs (
 	profile integer references ttrss_settings_profiles(id) ON DELETE CASCADE,
 	value text not null);
+create index ttrss_user_prefs_owner_uid_index on ttrss_user_prefs(owner_uid);
+create index ttrss_user_prefs_pref_name_idx on ttrss_user_prefs(pref_name);
+-- create index ttrss_user_prefs_value_index on ttrss_user_prefs(value);
 create table ttrss_sessions (id varchar(250) not null primary key,
 	data text,
 	expire integer not null);
+create index ttrss_sessions_expire_index on ttrss_sessions(expire);
 create function SUBSTRING_FOR_DATE(timestamp, int, int) RETURNS text AS 'SELECT SUBSTRING(CAST($1 AS text), $2, $3)' LANGUAGE 'sql';
 create table ttrss_feedbrowser_cache (