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  fox 3b8d9bc6ff Merge branch 'relative_html_base' of wn/tt-rss into master 2 years ago
  wn_ 701c5a7ee4 get_favicon_url: only check base elements with href attribute 2 years ago
  wn_ 241f69e4db Handle potentially-relative base element when getting favicon. 2 years ago
  fox 0f0d6ca559 Merge branch 'hook_feed_basic_info' of wn/tt-rss into master 2 years ago
  wn_ 3476690cbf Only require an array of basic info from 'HOOK_FEED_BASIC_INFO'. 2 years ago
  wn_ bec5ba93e2 Add 'HOOK_FEED_BASIC_INFO' to enable plugins to provide basic feed info. 2 years ago
  fox af13f3009c Merge branch 'vreddit_fallback_url' of wn/tt-rss into master 2 years ago
  wn_ b4b5236ec4 af_redditimgur: use common header retrieval function 2 years ago
  wn_ 8352d7c6cb af_redditimgur: Rework retrieval of fallback URL. 2 years ago
  wn_ 81d83a68cd af_redditimgur: Use fallback URL when possible. 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 06a19166bd af_redditimgur: add basic support for videos 2 years ago
  fox 7cadef1eff Merge branch 'domdocument_content_savehtml' of wn/tt-rss into master 2 years ago
  wn_ f3774b9d65 Use 'saveHTML' when generating HTML from a DOMDocument. 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 153cb6d305 add support for http 304 not modified (no timestamp calculation bullshit like last time) 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov edefcec19d filters/edit: properly parse feed-specific legacy format filter rules 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 03c56b041f force-request counters on load once if bw_limit option is enabled (because there's no timeout()) 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov ab8daa0389 use mysqli_set_charset() to set MYSQL_CHARSET 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 20d2195f13 rssutils: include comment count when calculating article hash 2 years ago
  fox eaa90b2287 Merge branch 'labels_context_menu' of wn/tt-rss into master 2 years ago
  wn_ b5fc9781ad Don't display label context menu items if there are no labels. 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 22adcd7466 request counters less times during startup, delay initial request in feedlist_init() a bit 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 51f13e7736 get_all_labels: order by caption 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 5e78b0c253 do not base headlines label context submenu on feed tree labels category 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 94df90a7eb update previous 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov a1a98d841f feed tree: do not set fixed item height 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov a6990df3ad update description for LOG_DESTINATION 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1b5b1e5fec sessions: use is_server_https() for secure cookie setting 2 years ago
  fox 2cdef24888 Merge branch 'master' of KKozlowski/tt-rss into master 2 years ago
  Natan Frei e234ac8dcb $_SERVER['HTTPS'] can be exists and 'off' for non-https connectios 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 9fa3ae09a6 update 2 years ago