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The Epube

Self-hosted web EPUB reader using EPUB.js, Bootstrap, and Calibre

  • responsive design
  • transparent offline mode via service workers
  • multi-device sync of last-read pages
  • can optionally store files locally for later reading
  • supports word definition lookups using dictd
  • supports Chrome homescreen "app mode"
  • supports color themes
  • Android client (wrapper)

Demo (login as demo, demo)


UI cheat sheet

  • Switch pages: Left, Right, Mouse wheel, swipe left/right, space, taps/clicks on left and right sides of the window
  • Show UI if it's hidden: escape or tap somewhere in the middle of reader window
  • Dictionary lookup: double click/select one word




Fonts and/or styles are weird inside the book

Epub contents usually have inline style information which overrides settings applied by The Epube and therefore needs to be removed.

The easiest way to do this properly is converting the file (epub to epub) while filtering the following in Calibre using conversion options (Look & feelStyling):

  1. check Fonts category
  2. add font-size, line-height to Other CSS properties.

Moving between pages is slow with some books

This happens sometime on slow devices, i.e. phones. The usual reason is Epub chapters are too large. Those can be split into smaller sections with Calibre epub converter: EPUB Output -> Split files larger than -> set a smaller value, 100KB should be fine.