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Selective HTTPS proxy for Chrome/Firefox: Privacy Policy

This extension doesn't share your data except for settings syncing purposes. All data usages are listed below.


As outlined on the project page, this extension configures your web browser to send all data for a list of domains (as configured by you) via a third party proxy server.

  • This extension does not implement a proxy server or any proxy protocols. It relies on proxy support built into your web browser to do its job.
  • This extension ensures all data sent to the proxy server is strongly encrypted and transmitted securely.
  • This extension does not store or modify any data sent to or received from the proxy server.
  • This extension does not contact any other servers or share your data with anyone else.

Developers of this extension are not responsible for any data collection that may be done by the actual proxy server operator. We do not provide such services nor do we have any control over them. We strongly recommend users to host a proxy server themselves to ensure privacy.


This extension uses syncing service to synchronize extension settings across multiple devices.

Syncing service is provided by Chrome Sync which uploads data to Google. Chrome Sync also requires you to sign in to Chrome, but this extension does not have access to your account information during the process. Please check Google Privacy Policy on this.