Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Dolgov 01384932df detect images to embed via content-type / urlmetadata call 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6e47d71ece don't crash when received URL metadata is null 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 511f6920cf bump version 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1824b556f8 log when metadata processing fails 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 0c83c99ca4 httprequesttask: use okhttp 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 0ee49c6ffc fix some stuff found by linter 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov ea808e6e06 service: move stuff to more appropriate places, fix some linter warnings 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 5d3915a538 remove service lock, not needed with in-process updater service (?) 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6cd99ceda9 bump version 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 32878f84e8 externalize line buffer size 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov cce8362679 SSE: enable back onRetryError 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 59b40fe439 ServerSentEvents-based low latency updating 4 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 483688f564 support custom tabs in browsers other than generic chrome 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 5ec41531c1 move extended information below line content 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 5ade00141f cancel unread notification if user posts something from a different device 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 86b29b5776 improve metadata box display 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov ab54b6ca44 put nicklist into drawer on 600dp-land 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 08a040ad41 URL metadata display in channel fragment 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov e69b4c2b32 rewrite uploadandpost to use okhttp3 5 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov c202cebe7d remove deprecated MODE_NIGHT_AUTO_TIME 5 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2884ca2953 support previous THEME_HOLO 5 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov d67f2e7021 declare foreground service permission as required by SDK 28 5 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 825c8a8459 update http client gradle stuff for picture upload 5 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 4457fb3090 migrate to androidx, support daynight theme 5 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 5466c7f053 update gradle 5 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 092d74944e bump version 9 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov bf5bcb4f59 prefs: add shortcut to notification settings 9 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov ec21b34d6b rework notification to use better defaults / channels 9 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2a9323221a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov b6fd65414f fix some UI issues related to landscape tablet screens 1 year ago