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  2. IRClib is a library for the client-side of IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  3. connections.
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  5. IRClib is RFC1459 and RFC2812 compliant. It's licensed under the GNU Lesser
  6. General Public License, the Apache License 2.0 and the Eclipse Public License
  7. so that you can use and modify it for your purposes for free.
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  9. By instantiating the <code>{@link org.schwering.irc.lib.IRCConnection}</code>
  10. class you can establish a new connection to an IRC server. The
  11. <code>{@link org.schwering.irc.lib.IRCEventListener}</code> informs your class
  12. about lines coming from the server which are parsed by the
  13. <code>{@link org.schwering.irc.lib.IRCParser}</code>. The
  14. <code>{@link org.schwering.irc.lib.IRCModeParser}</code> is especially made for
  15. channel-modes.<br />
  16. To create a secure connection with SSL, instantiate the
  17. <code>{@link org.schwering.irc.lib.ssl.SSLIRCConnection}</code>.
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  19. This project's home page is available at <a href=""
  20. target="_blank"></a>.
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  22. If you're using IRClib, write a <a href="mailto:[email protected]">mail to me</a>
  23. so that I can put you on the using-IRClib-list!
  24. @version 1.10
  25. @author Christoph Schwering &lt;[email protected]&gt;
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