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Installation And Usage

Here's how tt-irc works

  1. Frontend stuff written in PHP runs on your http server and interacts with users
  2. Backend connection daemon makes actual IRC socket connections
  3. Frontend and backend exchange data through the database so IRC input/output happens

To run tt-irc you need to place frontend PHP files somewhere on your http server and start the connection daemon in the background. It could even be separate machines/containers, as long as they can communicate through the database server and backend can make outbound TCP connections.

First time installation

You will need: Java, PostgreSQL, ant, PHP, http server of some kind (e.g. nginx).

  • Install the database schema (psql yourdb < schema/ttirc_schema_pgsql.sql)
  • Copy config.php-dist to config.php and edit it (you’ll need to change the DB_** constants at the very least)
  • Read RunningConnectionDaemon
  • Login with default username and password (admin:password) and setup your users and/or connections. Don’t forget to change the password!
  • Click the “Connect” button and enjoy AJAX IRC.


  • git pull from the master repository
  • Rebuild and restart the backend daemon (run ant in tt-irc directory)
  • Open tt-irc, login with administrative permissions, and, if prompted, update your database schema.

What to do after you have logged in

  • Change the password of default “admin” user. Optionally create a normal non-administrative user for yourself and log in under it.
  • Set your IRC data in the preferences. If you ever used IRC clients before, you should be familiar with the configuration options. You’ll have to create an IRC connection and set your basic stuff like nick and real name before you can connect to any IRC networks.
  • Have fun!

How do I connect to the IRC server goddamnit, the UI is too convoluted!

  1. Open Preferences (top right of main UI), set your nick, real name, etc.
  2. Scroll the dialog to bottom, click [ Create connection ], enter name
  3. After connection is created, select it in the list view, connection editor will open
  4. Within connection editor add IRC servers (click [ Add server ]) and set connection-specific options (if needed)
  5. If connection is enabled it should appear in the UI shortly, press [ Connect ] and you're done
  6. Use normal IRC commands like /join to join channels

That's it.