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  Andrew Dolgov 4abc8be86a add Makefile 6 days ago
  fox c7a457988d Merge branch 'standard-webextension' of will/tt-rss-notifier into master 2 years ago
  wtoscer f993d22887 update version 2 years ago
  wtoscer fbec90d2c3 init browser var with chrome if navigator dont know browser 2 years ago
  wtoscer 83d5054d3e use browser instead of chrome 2 years ago
  wtoscer 79e00725d3 remove persistent property 2 years ago
  wtoscer 1d31f134fb use option_ui 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 0a61d4407e Merge pull request #2 from isolenta/tabs 6 years ago
  Anton Shmigirilov 5a205dcc43 improve click action: open site_url in empty/existing/new tab 6 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov f501e1b363 bump version 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov c904ea9303 Merge pull request #1 from dandersson/fix_deprecation 7 years ago
  Daniel Andersson e38db918c2 Refactor to avoid deprecation by Google. 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 705e516ec4 initial 8 years ago