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  JustAMacUser 4cc6a773ff Removed redundant text for next/prev article without scroll. 10 months ago
  JustAMacUser 2e61551c28 Try to clarify next/prev article keyboard shortcut help. 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 3e4701116d af_readability: add missing file 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6914ad1f74 retire MIN_CACHE_FILE_SIZE 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 3c075bfd21 DiskCache: more strict checking for input filenames, getUrl() is no longer static 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 133c2b482b move rewrite_cached_urls to DiskCache::rewriteUrls() 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov b1dd38f880 add DiskCache.getUrl() and use it in a bunch of places 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 088fcf8131 move more globals to more appropriate places 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 4fa9aee4e7 move several more global functions to more appropriate classes 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6d746453c7 get_feeds_from_html: remove XML preamble hack 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov ccc0315ef0 better tsquery support: 1 year ago
  ltGuillaume 3d8c6967da Add keyboard shortcut 'g r': Go to Recently read 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6768b3a4a3 schema: add DEFAULT_SEARCH_LANGUAGE 1 year ago
  Greg-T 2c2f74a104 PDO error in cleanup_tags repaired 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 671f4cee65 domdocument: remove old meta charset unicode hacks, replace with shorter xml preamble utf8 hack (on loadhtml where it makes sense) 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 01b2f0a24f support "picture" tags in articles 1 year ago
  Michael Kuhn e74f7bde22 Refactor hotkeys to use keypress instead of keydown 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 32f9fda33d add composite key on ttrss_feeds (feed_url & owner_uid) 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 38e01270d8 archived feeds: expire old entries (schema bump) 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov dfd3a4e581 update previous with make_password() in tt-rss proper 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 16a9bdc387 make_password: generate longer passwords by default, use better random function if available 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 925065b1fe Revert "login: only allow relative URLs in return=" 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov c68ac04020 login: only allow relative URLs in return= 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 72fcc81919 support per-plugin locale directories 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 32db1cb872 OPML: include (and import) ttrss per-feed update interval and sort order 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 874a2d2170 Revert "enable fi_FI locale" 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov e00041b206 enable fi_FI locale 1 year ago
  root 5ac1935db5 Make article date select 12/24 time based on SHORT_DATE_FORMAT 1 year ago
  Andrii Zhuk f1f2b81a90 Add i18n for auto mode:wq 1 year ago
  Andrii Zhuk 57c3322088 Changed language name for Ukrainian 1 year ago