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I'm using lastpass and stuff is broken

Lastpass arbitrarily breaks tt-rss forms preventing various stuff like saving settings from functioning properly.

I'm experiencing random failures / UI glitches (error codes 6 & 7) / visibly broken HTML

Almost every time those are caused by malfunctioning and/or badly written browser extensions. Always try opening tt-rss without browser extensions running (i.e. separate Firefox profile, Chrome incognito mode, etc). This way you will be able to figure out which extension breaks things.

One of the extensions that causes such problems is Lastpass.

What should I use - MySQL or PostgreSQL?

Use PostgreSQL if you can. MySQL is supported but some minor features may be exclusive to Postgres and you're going to see worse performance on MySQL (because InnoDB is slow).

I need an URL I can call to subscribe to feed to integrate with some third party browser extension/application.


If feed URL is empty (or not given) tt-rss will display feed subscription dialog.

I need to get the number of unread articles in the simplest way.


No password required. In single user mode, use “admin” for login.

Feeds stop updating for users who rarely login

See this thread: https://tt-rss.org/oldforum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2909&p=23459#p17145

I have used the update daemon before, but switched away from it. However, the UI keeps nagging me about the daemon not running or not updating feeds or whatever.

Find and delete daemon lock file in LOCK_DIRECTORY. Usually, it’s lock/update_daemon.lock. You can also remove update_daemon.stamp.

I have questions about article purging / I don't think purging works.

In short, you may and will see articles with date older than the cutoff for purging. Here’s why:

  • starred articles are not purged;
  • purging is done based on import date internal to tt-rss which could be different from the timestamp specified by the feed (i.e. article says it was published on 01-01-1970 but it was imported today);
  • tt-rss bumps import date every time article is encountered in the feed, otherwise it will get purged and imported again on every feed update causing constantly reappearing duplicates;
  • purging is performed after feed was updated hence disabled updates = no purging;

Please see these forum threads for more information:

You can see article import date if you mouse over displayed date in tt-rss web UI.

Related question:

I like to manually archive or delete articles and I get duplicates. Why?

Because the articles are still in the feed XML.

See also: ArchivedFeed

Using Firefox, “OPML Import window” always visible in Preferences

Apparently it’s some addon or a browser setting problem, using clean profile helps.

Schema upgrade fails on MySQL 5.7 (and newer)

Error message: Invalid default value for 'last_updated'

See this thread/post for instructions: https://tt-rss.org/oldforum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3871&p=22884#p22884

I have HTTP authentication enabled and get “Your access level is insufficient to run this script” error on login

The problem is that if you have auth_remote enabled in config.php tt-rss tries to automatically log you in as the user specified by the server using HTTP authentication, which may not have administrative privileges. You will need to either temporarily disable auth_remote (replace it with auth_internal in config.php), temporarily disable HTTP authentication, or give yourself administrative permissions using the SQL client:

    update ttrss_users set access_level = 10 where login = 'you';

I'm having performance problems, why is tt-rss so slow?

Most likely you don’t have enough hardware for your requested amount of feeds. Switch up to a faster VDS tier or use something else.