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% Installation Guide

Installing Tiny Tiny RSS

As of 2020, the recommended way to deploy tt-rss is via Docker. Unless you have very specific needs which require direct installation on the host, consider using docker-compose setup described below.

Official dockerized setup uses docker-compose. There are two variants available:

1. Dynamic: tt-rss is updated automatically

Use this if you want to always run latest tt-rss code.

Installation guide (dynamic)

Updates are applied automatically from git master branch on container restart.

2. Static: uses pre-built images provided via Docker Hub

This seems to be a more commonly used pattern for Docker containers: images (including a snapshot of tt-rss source code) are built automatically and then pushed to Docker Hub.

Use this if you want manual control over tt-rss updates or an ability to revert to an older prebuilt image.

Installation guide (static)

Updates are handled the usual way. Either run docker-compose pull etc. when appropriate or use something like Watchtower to apply updates automatically.

Alternatively, install directly on a host machine.