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Linked tt-rss instances

TL;DR: If you connect instances of tt-rss together, you’ll be able to see feeds from linked instances in Subscribe to feed > More feeds> Popular dialog.

See also: #270

Since version:1.5.3 it is possible to connect independent installations of Tiny Tiny RSS to share feed subscription information displayed in Popular feeds. The idea is that by connecting instances it would be easier to subscribe to potentially interesting content. The code is considered experimental but it seems to work.

The functionality is available in Preferences (Linked tab) and should be self explanatory. Setup connections on both ends of a link using the same access key and you should be good to go - tt-rss would automatically ping the links once in 6 hours. You can erase the last connection timestamp by editing and saving the linked instance in the Preferences.

All information shared is anonymous and doesn’t identify your users. Feeds which are marked as excluded from the feed browser or configured with login/password are excluded from the Popular feeds browser and not shared in any way.

Tiny Tiny RSS doesn’t reshare feed subcription acquired from linked instances - i.e. only local feeds are shared between instances.