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% Plugins

Tiny Tiny RSS supports many kinds of plugins: social plugins which share articles to various sites, article filter plugins which mangle feed-provided data on import (for example, inlining images or extracting full article text using Readability), hotkey plugins which alter the way keyboard shortcuts work, etc.

There are two kinds of plugins: user and system. User plugins are enabled in Preferences -> Plugins. System plugins require adding them to a config.php directive PLUGINS which is a comma-separated list of enabled system plugins, i.e.

define('PLUGINS', 'updater, digest, auth_remote, auth_internal');
  • system plugins are always enabled for all users
  • if multiple search plugins are loaded, only the first one is used

If you are interested in making plugins, see MakingPlugins and samples repositories for examples to get you started.

Installing plugins

Copy plugin folder to tt-rss/plugins.local then activate it in the settings panel. Plugin folder name should correspond to plugin class name defined in (plugin)/init.php, i.e. Af_ExamplePlugin should be copied to plugins.local/af_exampleplugin.

Plugins on Gogs

These plugins are maintained on this site but aren't bundled with tt-rss.

Downsamples images as requested by API clients

Filters duplicate images using perceptual image hashing

SMTP mailer plugin for tt-rss based on PHPMailer

Sends static files using nginx X-Accel-Redirect header (XSendfile)

Shows (approximate) time it takes to read an article, combined mode only

Migrates user articles using neutral format

Fills missing poster attributes of HTML5 video elements (uses ffmpeg)

Mirrors English hotkey map into Russian keyboard layout

Overrides content type for enclosures based on server-provided data

Hightlights code blocks in articles using HighlightJS

A few more plugins can be found here.

Third party plugins

  • Third party plugins may be unmaintained and incompatible with newer tt-rss code (especially those from the old forums). Please report plugin-related problems to their developers.
  • See also: themes & plugins subforum.
  • Several more (old and unmaintained) plugins are on the old forums - if you fix them to run on newer tt-rss versions, please consider adopting and rehosting them.

We’re not responsible for third party plugins. Use at your own risk.

Sharing plugins

A Tiny Tiny RSS plugin to post to a Wallabag v2 instance

A plugin for Tiny Tiny RSS, to shorten urls via Yourls

Adds support for sharing links with Shaarli to tt-rss

Convert DOI and other links to Sci-Hub links in TT-Rss

Feed data manipulation plugins

Enable embedded videos in feeds - videoframes

Configurable plugin to replace article stub with content from the linked URL's page

A simple plugin to assist in the display of images from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day feed in TT-RSS

Webcomics plugins

Comic plugin GU Comics, Married to the sea & Toothpaste for dinner

Full Feed for many newspaper websites

Cleanup Google News feed

Lint/tidy plugin to repair invalid feeds

Embed content from Tapastic rss streams

XML Start tag cleaner

Faking of referral for images (anti hotlinking protection).

API plugins

Fever API emulator

Simulates the Fever API for reading the RSS Feeds with your Fever clients.

Other plugins

Favicon badge plugin

On-demand generation of QR-Codes for each article (that does not depend on external service).

Send XMPP notifications via Prosody mod_post_msg

Plugins for alternative navigation and night mode

Set of plugins to (1) use cursor keys for a tree-style article navigation; (2) change to a minimal set of hotkeys; (3) toggle night mode for custom themes; (4) change the sort order of unread articles to Oldest first.