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% Scoring

Scoring is supported in a way similar to some newsreaders. Score is calculated on article import using special filters with a "Modify score" action.

Resulting score is a sum of all score modifiers from all matching filters. For example, if the article matches two filters A (score +100) and B (score -50), the resulting score will be 50.

Article score affects the position of the article in the headline buffer (which is sorted by score) and alters the way article is displayed:

Score Display / Action
<-500 Score indicator is dark, headline is gray and striked through, article is automatically marked as read
<-100 Score indicator is dark, headline is gray and striked through
<0 Score indicator is half-filled dark, version:1.5.0: article is excluded from Fresh feed and (as of version:1.5.10 also excluded from email digest)
0 Display normally
>0 Score indicator is half-filled green
>500 Score indicator is green and headline text is highlighted green
>1000 Same as above, article is also marked as starred

Calculated score for an individual article may be adjusted by clicking on score indicator in the headlines list.