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This plugin exports and imports all articles of a specific user using a neutral format (JSON files in a ZIP archive). This way you can migrate your entire article dataset between different tt-rss instances even if they are not sharing a common database backend, i.e. MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Note that this only migrates articles. You can transfer your tt-rss settings and feed subscriptions via OPML import/export before migrating data with this plugin.

Plugin is in development, I suggest testing your import first on a separate test user (or database) for the time being.

Using the plugin

  1. Git checkout to plugins.local/data_migration
  2. Enable plugin in config.php by adding data_migration to PLUGINS directive
  3. Plugin-specific options should appear in update.php help output (php ./update.php --help)

Exporting data

php ./update.php --data_user test --data_export articles-of-user-test.zip

Importing data

php ./update.php --data_user test --data_import articles-of-user-test.zip