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Dockerized tt-rss using docker-compose

The idea is to provide tt-rss working (and updating) out of the box with minimal fuss.

This compose setup uses prebuilt images from Docker Hub.

This setup is still WIP. Some features may be unimplemented or broken. Check the following before deploying:

General outline of the configuration is as follows:

  • separate containers (frontend: caddy, database: pgsql, app and updater: php/fpm)
  • tt-rss latest git master source baked into container on build
  • images are pulled from Docker Hub (automatically built and published on tt-rss master source update)
  • working copy is stored on (and rsynced over on restart) a persistent volume so plugins, etc. could be easily added
  • config.php is generated if it is missing
  • database schema is installed automatically if it is missing
  • Caddy has its http port exposed to the outside
  • optional SSL support via Caddy w/ automatic letsencrypt certificates
  • feed updates are handled via update daemon started in a separate container (updater)


Get docker-compose.yml and .env-dist

git clone ttrss-docker
cd ttrss-docker
git checkout static-dockerhub

You're interested in docker-compose.yml stored in root directory, as opposed to src.

Latter directory is used to build images for publishing on Docker Hub. Use it if you want to build your own containers.

Edit configuration files:

Copy .env-dist to .env and edit any relevant variables you need changed.

  • You will likely have to change SELF_URL_PATH which should equal fully qualified tt-rss URL as seen when opening it in your web browser. If this field is set incorrectly, you will likely see the correct value in the tt-rss fatal error message.

Note: SELF_URL_PATH is updated in generated tt-rss config.php automatically on container restart. You don't need to modify config.php manually for this.

  • By default, container binds to localhost port 8280. If you want the container to be accessible on the net, without using a reverse proxy sharing same host, you will need to remove from HTTP_PORT variable in .env.

Pull and start the container

docker-compose pull && docker-compose up

See docker-compose documentation for more information and available options.


You will need to pull a fresh image from Docker Hub to update tt-rss source code. Working copy will be synchronized on startup.

If database needs to be updated, tt-rss will prompt you to do so on next page refresh.

Updating container scripts

  1. Stop the containers: docker-compose down && docker-compose rm
  2. Update scripts from git: git pull origin master and apply any necessary modifications to .env, etc.
  3. Pull fresh images and start the containers: docker-compose pull && docker-compose up

Suggestions / bug reports