SMTP mailer plugin for tt-rss based on PHPMailer

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Warning: this plugin uses PHPMailer which is a library with regularly discovered vulnerabilities. Use at your own risk.


  1. Git clone plugin to tt-rss/plugins.local/mailer_smtp
  2. Enable in config.php directive PLUGINS (this is a system plugin, it can't be enabled per-user).
  3. Add the following to config.php:

    	define('SMTP_SERVER', '');
    	// Hostname:port combination to send outgoing mail (i.e. localhost:25).
    	// Blank - use system MTA.
    	define('SMTP_LOGIN', '');
    	define('SMTP_PASSWORD', '');
    	// These two options enable SMTP authentication when sending
    	// outgoing mail. Only used with SMTP_SERVER.
    	define('SMTP_SECURE', '');
    	// Used to select a secure SMTP connection. Allowed values: ssl, tls,
    	// or empty.
    	define('SMTP_SKIP_CERT_CHECKS', false);
    	// Accept all SSL certificates, use with caution.
    	define('SMTP_CA_FILE', '/path/to/ca.crt');
    	// Use a custom CA certificate for SSL/TLS secure connections.
    	// Only used if SMTP_SKIP_CERT_CHECKS is false.

At least SMTP_SERVER needs to set for plugin to work.