#5 Offer SQL function as an option to count-bits

fox merged 7 commits from rodneys_mission/Add_alternate_bitcount_SQL_function into fox/master 1 year ago

7 Commits

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  Rodney Stromlund c22ad3292c Returned to select 'unique_1bits'::regproc, but wrapped in a try/catch block. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund 0b5d90e901 Never mind the code block, this isn't markdown. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund 5c50104812 Putting config.php lines in a code block. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund f041a831f7 Added a warning per fox's comment "... switch to this function while displaying a performance warning in the plugin UI ..." 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund 145e043f7a New SQL function in case 'count-bits' extension is not installed. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund ac570ae1a8 Added IMG_HASH_SQL_FUNCTION check in 'bitcount_func'. Changed "select 'unique_1bits'::regproc" to read information_schema.routines b/c it throws an error if 'unique_1bits' is not defined and abends the php session. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund fd8eaf0519 Added a note to activate SQL function via config.php define. 1 year ago