Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Dolgov 8b73bd28d8 remove apache-specific x-sendfile stuff 2 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6fd0399694 tunables: 3 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 21ce7d9ec0 update phpmd ruleset to use (subset) of cleancode 3 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 5edd605ae1 image cache: do not try to cache data: schema urls; add caching of html5 video content (similar to cache_starred_images plugin) 3 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov c203486e04 cache_starred_images: set filename when sending cached image 4 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 88bf000f8d cache_starred_images: also handle html5 mp4 video files 5 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 95ebe737bd cache_starred_images: route images to public.php 5 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 849c66b783 remove ob_clean/flush shit as unneeded hacks from cached image output routines 6 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov ae3851b1b5 discard gzipped buffer in cache starred image sender method 6 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov f5967cf825 cache starred: only try to chmod cache directory if it is not writable 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 4e5ddeafa6 make cache starred plugin use hook_house_keeping 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 910592b49a add plugin to cache images in starred articles; pass article_id to 7 years ago