Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  fox a421eb655d Merge branch 'master' of cvidal/tt-rss into master 17 hours ago
  Colin Vidal c217de557f rpc: addfeed: gets login and pass only if need_auth is checked. 3 days ago
  Andrew Dolgov c30f5e1811 subscribe_to_feed: force-cast login and password to string 1 week ago
  fox 4178dc85ab Merge branch 'improvement/digest-pdo-params' of immanuelfodor/tt-rss into master 2 weeks ago
  immanuelfodor 09be7cdd73 binding statement named param instead of positional replacement 2 weeks ago
  fox 2395dc3b04 Merge branch 'fix-pdo-mail-plugin' of JustAMacUser/tt-rss into master 2 weeks ago
  Dave Z 12bfce5e66 Fix missing parenthesis. 2 weeks ago
  Dave Z 33c850f5ab Fix PDO query in mail plugin. 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 8dedacf497 remove synchronous feed refreshing on ForceUpdate 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 9274109c19 search_to_sql: quote fallback search language 2 weeks ago
  fox 96d8c40188 Merge branch 'func-missing-quotes' of JustAMacUser/tt-rss into master 2 weeks ago
  JustAMacUser 56c2216295 Add missing quotes to array_map. 2 weeks ago
  fox 6062e563ff Merge branch 'opml-titles' of tianon/tt-rss into master 2 weeks ago
  Tianon Gravi bbc4d4bf34 treat OPML-imported feeds without a title the same as a batch import 2 weeks ago
  fox bb0a8e323e Merge branch 'otp' of fturco/tt-rss into master 3 weeks ago
  Francesco Turco 1a7277570b fix two-factor authenticaton 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov d4c05d0be2 update_rss_feed: don't try to use quoted NOW() in query 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6fb5f17be6 pluginhost: always return an array in get_all() 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov bed2d6e054 force-cast some variables used in queries to integer 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov d0cce0c7a4 isdefaultpassword: use method_exists() to check for check_password 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 0f05147531 properly highlight search keywords containing forward slash 1 month ago
  fox f559d74a4e Merge branch 'master' of simonpl/tt-rss into master 1 month ago
  simonp 5f19596651 Fix typo from previous pull request 1 month ago
  fox fde50b4e63 Merge branch 'master' of bcollet/tt-rss-fix-auth into master 1 month ago
  Benjamin Collet 44c6a04b61 Check if the auth module supports check_password() method before using it 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 9390ddeae2 fix single user mode login failing because of isdefaultpassword() 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 072a348f93 minor css updates 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 7651b6e2cd sanitize: disable referrer via referrerpolicy for img elements 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6184f5264e style updates for combined expandable mode, etc 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2b724177ae style updates for 3 panel mode 1 month ago