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  Andrew Dolgov a6990df3ad update description for LOG_DESTINATION 1 week ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1b5b1e5fec sessions: use is_server_https() for secure cookie setting 1 week ago
  fox 2cdef24888 Merge branch 'master' of KKozlowski/tt-rss into master 1 week ago
  Natan Frei e234ac8dcb $_SERVER['HTTPS'] can be exists and 'off' for non-https connectios 1 week ago
  Andrew Dolgov 9fa3ae09a6 update 1 week ago
  Andrew Dolgov 09628e1b1a rework previous 32 bit session stuff 1 week ago
  Andrew Dolgov e6d77d2b29 Merge branch 'master' of 1 week ago
  Andrew Dolgov b465c28ee0 sessions: clip max expiry value to a 32bit integer 1 week ago
  fox c9040c5c2e Merge branch 'translation_pt-BR' of ekalin/tt-rss into master 2 weeks ago
  Eduardo M KALINOWSKI 86810de809 Updated pt_BR translation. 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 9f7bd151c6 hopefully unify handling of server HTTPS variables where needed, use scheme based on SELF_URL_PATH otherwise 2 weeks ago
  fox 1003cb24b9 Merge branch 'x_forwarded_proto' of yastupin/tt-rss into master 2 weeks ago
  Cédric Barboiron 643ebe4229 sanity: check X-Forwarded-Proto for self_url 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov be61f1c45c filters dialog: do not break markup on long feed names 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov b2d42e960b replace some usages of SELF_URL_PATH with get_self_url_prefix() 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 948471a44b self url path checking: accept value without an ending slash 2 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2953687b72 sanity: it's probably a good idea to check whether we're running under httpd before enforcing SELF_URL_PATH checks 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1f91695895 previous: spaces -> tabs 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 7506b61af2 sanity: check whether SELF_URL_PATH conforms to data returned by httpd 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 890a7be0c6 update 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov fef02d5367 Merge branch 'german-translation' into 'master' 3 weeks ago
  Heiko Adams 2e3363ed54 Update german translation 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 18e684cda9 Update 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov a4682a7a69 Update 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov f6e856a367 rebase translations 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 667d32fd26 remove obsolete forum plugin links 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov d76d5e86d2 controls: disable print_feed_select (unused) 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 7b994e4bec filters: when adding rule select all feeds by default 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 267bcee32c quickAddFeed: fix legacy feed_id type being passed to newrule 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Dolgov 10a1f28f7c schema: updates for new filter format (bump version to 131) 3 weeks ago