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“Archived articles” feed

Please note the following: There’s usually no point in manually archiving articles.

If you want to keep articles for later, just star them, and they won’t get purged. Manual archiving may have side effects, e.g. if you archive an article while it still exists in the originating feed XML, it will be reimported and create a duplicate entry. In short, unless you are absolutely sure, you don’t need to manually archive anything.

In general, consider manual un/archiving of articles an advanced function. The point of this feed is to give you access to externally shared data (ShareAnything) which has no feed by definition or your starred articles if originating feed no longer exists in tt-rss database.

Supported since version:1.4.0.

Archived article feed works as such:

  • When you unsubscribe from the feed, all starred articles are moved into the archive for safe-keeping.
  • You can also manually archive articles from the feed actions (i.e. More…) dropdown menu and subsequently move them back if the originating feed is still available (e.g. subscribed).
  • Archived articles are not subject to the usual automatic expiration process.
  • Articles created using ShareAnything are placed into Archived feed.