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Interface Tips

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Keyboard shortcuts help can be displayed by selecting appropriate option from main Actions dropdown.
  • Pressing Esc closes active dialog (if any).

Mouse shortcuts

Clicking on article headline or title (in combined mode)

  • Ctrl + Left Click - open article in a browser tab (background or foreground depending on your browser setting)
  • Left Click - open article (selects article in combined mode)
  • Shift + Left Click - select and mark and read article without opening any links under cursor, useful if post itself contains something clickable and you just want to quickly mark it as read
  • Right Click - open article context menu

In version:1.7.1 article movement shortcuts are a bit different in combined mode.

  • n/p or up/down will scroll long posts before switching to the next one
  • Ctrl-up/down will move between posts like previous versions


  • Type a W to toggle widescreen panel layout. This does not work with combined mode.