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Detailed PHP requirements

You need PHP 5.4 (or newer, PHP 7 is fine) compiled with (at least) the following modules (those are actually very common and should be available in any reasonable Linux distro):

  • JSON
  • XML (DOMDocument)
  • mbstring
  • fileinfo
  • CURL (not required, but highly recommended) OR support for remote fopen()
  • POSIX functions (for the multiprocess update daemon, otherwise not needed)
  • GD (needed for OTP and some plugins)
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL depending on the database server used

Plugins may have additional dependencies i.e. several bundled plugins depend on CURL.

Some safe mode related restrictions may stop parts of tt-rss from functioning. This is usually only a problem for (unsupported) shared hosting configurations.

NB: I’m using whatever Debian stable is shipping. If you decide to use bleeding edge php, especially beta versions, and run into issues, most likely I won’t be able to help you. -fox