Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  fox 762ff9b9cd Merge branch 'pdo-experimental' of cac2s/tt-rss into master 8 months ago
  cac2s 6b47f5a6d1 fix position for "forgotpass" link 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 5bb8dad631 is_gzipped: don't try to strpos() over entire buffer 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 60609637bc schema: when inserting initial forum feed, don't hardcode admin UID as 1 8 months ago
  fox 8551cce494 Merge branch 'patch-install-pdo-error' of JustAMacUser/tt-rss into master 8 months ago
  JustAMacUser 3cae6fe6ad Fixed "Using when not in object context" error when installer query fails. 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov f6090655bf 2fa: check TOTP based on previous secret values (oops of the year, 2019) 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 17e145f481 revise schema 139 to use engine=innodb 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov f75fb6bd75 Merge branch 'master' of 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 266a805bfe line endings + remove : from headings 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 05dffcff6f OTP stuff: update notice wording a bit 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 812a6c9f16 auth_internal: fix indents 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 249130e58d implement app password checking / management UI 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov b158103f2f schema: add missing stuff 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 68b0380118 add placeholder authentication via app passwords if service is passed 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 88cd9e586e add placeholder UI plumbing for app passwords 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 84e9f1d5cc update schema for app-specific passwords 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 178bcd4349 auth_internal: fix OTP seed checking 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 904ecc31e2 allow using OTP without GD 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2d77d2d89e Merge branch 'weblate-integration' 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 647c7c45eb allow article filters to modify num_comments 8 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 81bf1125aa update OTP template 9 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2820f41a4b add notification for OTP being disabled 9 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov ef514bc4bd add notifications for mail and password changes 9 months ago
  fox d029e18976 Merge branch 'hook-feed-tree' of jc/tt-rss into master 9 months ago
  jc 8fd11fd53a Add const HOOK_FEED_TREE 9 months ago
  jc a243979aaf Add const HOOK_FEED_TREE 9 months ago
  jc f56ae1dcc9 Add HOOK_FEED_TREE to div feeds-holder 9 months ago
  fox ac3d561f4d Merge branch 'comics-patch-timestamp' of JustAMacUser/tt-rss into master 9 months ago
  JustAMacUser 8459238f6c af_comics: Use a fixed time of day when generating fake feed for GoComics. Without this the timestamp is always updated to be the time the feed is fetched, which causes the comics to keep moving to the top/bottom of the article list depending on the sort order. (Using 11:00 a.m. UTC as that should keep the date the same across the majority of time zones.) 9 months ago