Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew Dolgov 5b6ea1ef91 remove pubsubhubbub: dead 3 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 17a8e61d2a deprecate encrypted feed passwords because mcrypt is getting removed from php 7.1 3 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov f5e66c439e remove SESSION_CHECK_ADDRESS 5 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 3318d32410 move language detection to a plugin, remove config.php constant 5 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 4ca621a360 add config option CHECK_FOR_UPDATES 5 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov ed775e4e8d remove obsolete code related to version checking and tarball updater plugin 5 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov af2c15f3d3 mention config.php settings in search_sphinx plugin description 6 years ago
  Rob Hoelz baaf4c3043 Make search mechanism pluggable 6 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 307e24ca81 set detect language to off by default 6 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov af2aa0747f config: remove closing php tag 6 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 5ddd2705ca make language detection optional (closes #779) 6 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 9e2d513dbd config.php-dist: fix lines which were too long 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov bebc15cdc2 fix typo in config.php-dist 7 years ago
  Frederik Holden 39de69406b Change default SELF_URL_PATH for RFC 2602 7 years ago
  justauser 6dd01fcea2 Changes to support a new version of the phpmailer. Adds a new setting SMTP_SECURE, 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6f49cedfd7 update sphinx index option description 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov a9cd27d6e6 config: expand description of PHP_EXECUTABLE 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov e57a1507ae do not use session cookie lifetime for additional cookies 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 3921f5081b only show reset password link when auth_internal is enabled (refs #681) 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov b367c951b9 make logging configurable; add logging to syslog 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov bbffc43e4f actually check for DB_PORT in installer, add better hints and use mysqli if available 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 524d03a03e config: remove mention of encrypted logins 7 years ago
  Jeffrey Tolar 5d28014ee3 Fix indentation issues (spaces => tabs) 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 90df27a4c1 ttrssMailer: fix typo 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 52803a0bfd add SPHINX_SERVER 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov b9863a153c unify SMTP_HOST and SMTP_PORT as SMTP_SERVER 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov 044cff2d74 implement basic feed authentication parameter encryption in the database (FEED_CRYPT_KEY) 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov a905d89e86 clarify single user mode description 7 years ago
  Arthaey Angosii 0742008881 Fix typo in config.php 7 years ago
  Andrew Dolgov e186015e4e remove auth_remote from default configuration 7 years ago