Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rodney Stromlund 376dce02bb Update wiki and forums links in error message. 3 weeks ago
  fox 3b033a17f4 Merge branch 'feed-tree-localstorage' of nanaya/tt-rss into master 3 weeks ago
  nanaya 8d8affdc45 Store FeedTree data in localStorage 3 weeks ago
  fox 68b78ecd3d Merge branch 'bugfix/invalid-opml' of wn/tt-rss into master 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov b6372a846d when exporting OPML via web UI, add user login to the filename 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov fa653f5a43 prefs: show disabled filters properly on mysql 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2996a3942f prefs: show root of filter tree as enabled so it's not grayed out 1 month ago
  wn_ 614d3ac1bf Properly check if OPML file was loaded during import. 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov c352e872e9 core: pass found enclosures to HOOK_ARTICLE_FILTER 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6eb94f1e13 better support for image srcset attributes as discussed in 1 month ago
  Andrew Dolgov 697418f863 more eslint fixes 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov d01ad09800 eslint-related fixes; move a few things from global context to App 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 88027d7a39 fix various minor issues reported by eslint 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 755662a9d7 add eslintrc 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 9d28b3ac50 unify prefs/main App objects, remove fake classes, use single static App object instead 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 30ed5d7c3c same, but for preferences 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov e37f8cfa78 don't use declare() for static objects with no inheritance because apparently it's not actually needed by AMD 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 06cc6e3a2a Merge branch 'weblate-integration' 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 676cdf6ee4 move isCombinedMode to AppBase so we wouldn't crash in preferences 2 months ago
  Patrick Ahles 3502477f8f Translated using Weblate (Dutch) 2 months ago
  Eike 10884452f0 Translated using Weblate (German) 2 months ago
  Anonymous 148c58e172 Translated using Weblate (German) 2 months ago
  Eike db5ac3a0be Translated using Weblate (German) 2 months ago
  Anonymous 72898a6aba Translated using Weblate (German) 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov ac17ded854 Merge branch 'weblate-integration' 2 months ago
  fox 851de81517 Merge branch 'hotkeys_force_top' of itsamenathan/tt-rss into master 2 months ago
  Nathan Warner f8d96543de Created hotkeys_force_top plugin 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov b39e615683 add Headlines.default_force_previous, default_force_to_top 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 19893d33e3 only bind up/down in 3 panel mode 2 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov ebb373987a Revert "unbind up/down by default (use native scrolling for consistency with pgup/pgdn)" 2 months ago