Commit History

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  Rodney Stromlund f2875b2693 pot file needs regenerating 9 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1bff830b98 update class name in gettext skeleton 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov f8f8dd4cae show correct class name for similar dialog, remove JS code from global context 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov e342351584 fix several leftover mentions of old (renamed) class name, duh 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6879fc375b set filter hook priority 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov f5d6ff035e update README with new directory location 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov d91af1ebfb set lower hook priority via pluginhost, rename main class (removes zz-hack) 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 4b2664a754 support HOOK_ARTICLE_IMAGE for similarity checking 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 46f54330a2 consistency: use DiskCache->exists() to check for present files 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 6aba09ee33 retire MIN_CACHE_FILE_SIZE 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1658e48cb6 use classes/diskcache 10 months ago
  Andrew Dolgov 2066fa5fa6 update readme 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 59f1fd775c update readme 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 445aa2ada5 readme txt to md 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 1a1abad237 update readme 1 year ago
  fox 3863684097 Merge branch 'Add_alternate_bitcount_SQL_function' of rodneys_mission/ttrss-perceptual-image-hash into master 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund c22ad3292c Returned to select 'unique_1bits'::regproc, but wrapped in a try/catch block. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund 0b5d90e901 Never mind the code block, this isn't markdown. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund 5c50104812 Putting config.php lines in a code block. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund f041a831f7 Added a warning per fox's comment "... switch to this function while displaying a performance warning in the plugin UI ..." 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund 145e043f7a New SQL function in case 'count-bits' extension is not installed. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund ac570ae1a8 Added IMG_HASH_SQL_FUNCTION check in 'bitcount_func'. Changed "select 'unique_1bits'::regproc" to read information_schema.routines b/c it throws an error if 'unique_1bits' is not defined and abends the php session. 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund fd8eaf0519 Added a note to activate SQL function via config.php define. 1 year ago
  fox b98b281a12 Merge branch 'Fix_SUBSTRING_FOR_DATE_quoting' of rodneys_mission/ttrss-perceptual-image-hash into master 1 year ago
  Rodney Stromlund 6c2daa71a7 Fix SUBSTRING_FOR_DATE quoting 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 93b9ec3b80 switch to base plugin gettext methods 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov ad71ab3dac add I18N skeleton 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 14d56b6282 fix mismatched tag 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov b81e4eb69a minor related dialog layout tweaks 1 year ago
  Andrew Dolgov 88ea5eb29d use instead of removed notify_info 1 year ago